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Islamic Purity | via Tumblr on We Heart It
The old german lady always looking down on the crowd below by joaobambu on Flickr.
Life’s spectator by archidave on Flickr.
The old woman on the balcony by Lanzen on Flickr.
June 9th by Oliver Wilke on Flickr.
Woman on Balcony by DriftingPhotographer on Flickr.
Woman on balcony by martibrown1photo on Flickr.
Woman on a Balcony by jpnick on Flickr.
My little old neighbour! by cardboard is yummy on Flickr.
Foto dal diario on -
Week 6 by Marianna Di Ferdinando on Flickr.
IMG_1269 by Ing. Pdiablos on Flickr.
Lost in thoughts on her balcony.  (Taken with instagram)

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