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Napoli Diary update by itsamish on Flickr.
untitled by Je.est.un.autre on Flickr.
Napoli by Prodromos Sarigianis on Flickr.
Napoli é mille colori… by Je.est.un.autre on Flickr.
napoli sotterranea by ilmorodiPortaVenezia on Flickr.
Napoli - Gradoni del Petraio by Diego Menna on Flickr.
Divo Erasmo Dicatum, Napoli, with balcony conversations by chrisjohnbeckett on Flickr.
Washing drying, woman at the window, Napoli by chrisjohnbeckett on Flickr.
Drying the washing in Napoli by chrisjohnbeckett on Flickr.
Welcome To The Pinto Storey by AndreasC on Flickr.
Naples :  St. Pio of Pietrelcina by Pantchoa on Flickr.
Naples : Typical street - Explore by Pantchoa on Flickr.
HDR Glory of Light - Basilica di S. Paolo Maggiore by Giuseppe Parisi on Flickr.
Subterranean Napoli by TheFella on Flickr.
Neapolitan Style by krisdecurtis on Flickr.