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[ amalfi’s old tastes ] by [ changó ] on Flickr.
Divo Erasmo Dicatum, Napoli, with balcony conversations by chrisjohnbeckett on Flickr.
Drying the washing in Napoli by chrisjohnbeckett on Flickr.
Dome of the Old St. Louis County Courthouse by stormdog42 on Flickr.
The old german lady always looking down on the crowd below by joaobambu on Flickr.
Life’s spectator by archidave on Flickr.
June 9th by Oliver Wilke on Flickr.
30-ties by Eleenah on Flickr.
Old Woman on Balcony, Madrid by Peter Cook UK on Flickr.
Mama by Jason Vermes on Flickr.
Woman on Balcony by DriftingPhotographer on Flickr.
Woman on a Balcony by jpnick on Flickr.
Old woman on balcony by Keith McGovern on Flickr.
My little old neighbour! by cardboard is yummy on Flickr.
A city bee - part 1! by Jörg Frahm on Flickr.